Puerto Natales | Torres del Paine in my heart

27th November 2018

We had a couple of days in Puerto Natales, where we chose to indulge ourselves by staying at a beautiful hostel called Vinnhaus/everywhere else was full because we forgot to book a hostel pre-ferry. Novia was the resident doggo and I love her.

After much deliberation and a great deal of heartache, we decided to do a day trip to Torres del Paine instead of the 5-day W Trek, as we were short on time… this was our biggest mistake to date.

Torres del Paine is the most beautiful place in the world and we cried because we couldn't spend all our time forever basking in its magnificence. It left us speechless.

However, the day trip was in fact very good… we saw all the sights from all the miradors, our guide was a babe (but SHOUTED a LOT) and the weather was stupendous. Pachamama was smiling on us this day.

Enjoy this photo journal instead of my usual wordy post because, in this instance, words fail me completely (there's a first for everything).