Journey from Tayrona to Minca

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

18th September 2018

We came to Minca from the sweaty fires of Tayrona National Park. We got a mototaxi from Brisa Tranquila to the entrance of the Park (the same as the day before). We were slightly concerned as to how our rucksacks would fit on the bikes, plus 2 people, but the drivers pop them lengthways on their handlebars. Easy. And, if they don't have helmets for the lane, they grab some before hitting the main road (parents will be pleased).

As we pulled up, a public bus was ready and waiting to take us to Santa Marta. The timing was genius. We hopped on and settled down, planning to get a Connectiva to Minca from the city centre. A short way out of Santa Marta, we stopped. The bus driver and about 10 million mototaxi drivers put their heads through the bus window and shouted 'MINCA!’ at us. If you want a cheaper route to Minca, stick to your guns and say 'NO!’... We got off, our bags were unloaded and we were ushered to a couple of motorbikes. We were separated for about 3 minutes, but my driver waited for Sarah as she made her way through the traffic (I only had a mild panic attack).

I'll be honest: the journey was brilliant fun. Halfway up it started POURING with tropical rain and my driver stopped to give me his phone to keep it dry. BRILLIANT. It was magnificent to be cold for the first time in a week. Thank youuuuu rainforest!

We climbed and climbed and climbed, my driver chatted and chatted and asked me if I had any sons and told me about the Tigers in Colombia (I wasn't convinced). The mototaxis took us to the very base of the infamous Casa Loma steps which we climbed, slowly, in the rain.

A great work out, and totally worth it at the top….


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