El Calafate | Perito Moreno Glacier

28th - 30th November 2018

Started terribly, but ended delightfully. We were stressed out of our brains (because that NEVER HAPPENS) as we attempted to withdraw monies, only to learn that they have atrocious fees of a million pounds per withdrawal. What a joke. TOP TIP: Bring (emergency) US$ to South America and don't spend them all in Ecuador.

We eventually got on the bus bound for Perito Moreno Glacier at 1pm, feeling somewhat calmer… we'd be picked up again at 7:30pm. For the next 5 hours, we strolled around boardwalks alongside the glacier and, once again, were reduced to wrecks as we marvelled at the majesty of the ice fields. It was spectacular, made better by the sporadic, thunderous sound of collapsing ice. The glacier was speaking to us, and we listened with intent and fascination.

On returning to town, we went out for a dinner of king crab and prawn pasta in martini sauce, paired with Argentinian vino tinto. It was absolutely delicious, and destroyed our budget which had been going for (a record streak of) half a day. Food is life.

On another note, El Calafate is teeming with top dogs who will accompany you to your forward destinations and will be paid with snout strokes and coos. One doggo in particular, followed us all the way from town to our hostel and almost got past reception to our dorm room. Devvo'd THAT didn't work out…

Please prepare yourselves for another photo journal because, honestly, the glacier is just. Too. Beautiful.