Amazon Jungle | Wildlife

Manu National Park, 28th October - 1st November 2018

A comprehensive list (no repeats) of the many, beautiful, extraordinary and surreal animals and insects I saw in the Amazon Jungle. I am going to head back in one day to grow this list further.

Day 1:

Golden-Headed Quetzal (national bird of Guatemala)

Blue-Banded Toucanette

Lyre-Tail Nightjar

Cinnamon Flycatcher

Dusky, Green Oropendula

Woolly Monkeys (mother with baby)

Cock of the Rock

Highland Mot Mot

Day 2:

Russet-Backed Oropendula

Blue-Crowned Trogon

Roadside Hawk

Capped Heron

Snowy Egret

Black Vulture

Tropic Cormorant

Great Egret

Roseate Spoonbill

Turkey Vulture

Cocoy Heron


Southern Caracara


Violaceous Jay


Pale-Winged Trumpeters

Squirrel Monkeys

White-Throated Toucan

Chestnut-Fronted Macaw

Night Heron


Red Brock Deer

Brazilian Tapir

Fishing Bats

Day 3:

Blue and Yellow Macaw

Scarlett Macaw

Fruit Bats

Blue-Throated piping Guan

Dusky Titi Monkey


Black, Nun, Night Bird


Paradise Tanager

Blue-Headed Parrot

Magpie Tanager

Amazonian Scrub-Flycatcher

Olive Oropendula

Crimson-Crested Woodpecker

Plum-Throated Cotinga

Squirrel Cuckoo

Palm Tanager

Vermilion Flycatcher

Pink-Toed Tarantula

Leaf Katydid

Wolf Spider

Walking Stick

Jumping Stick

Yellow Clown Tree Frog

Scorpion Spider

Day 4:

Black-Skinned Parrot Snake

Tropiduridae Lizard (Plica Plica)

Cow Bird

White-Winged Swallow

Laughing Falcon

King Vulture (Jungle Condor)

Ringed Kingfisher

Horned Screamers

Speckled Chachalaca

Bluish-Fronted Jacomar


Smooth-Billed Ani

Great Kiskadee

Social Flycatcher

Yellow-Rumped Casikas

Sediment-Sucker Fish

Black-Capped Donacovius

Red-Capped Cardinal

Rufous Tiger Heron

Turkey Vulture

Blue-Grey Tanager

Amazon Kingfisher

Plumous Kite

Day 5:

Black- Skinned Parrot Snake, juvenile (Chicotillia)

White-Throated Hawk