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Ribble Rivers Trust

Charity "Ribble Rivers Trust" Greetings Cards

I am SO excited to have teamed up with Ribble Rivers Trust in Lancashire to create these handmade, hand-finished, environmentally-friendly Greetings Cards. Each card is inspired by the Ribble's inhabitants and the environment in which they live.

Ribble Rivers Trust is an amazing charity which works to look after over 700 square miles, containing more than 6,000 miles of watercourses, of the British Countryside. This means they take care of rivers and woodlands, ensuring a safe haven for flora and fauna alike and ensuring future generations have this beautiful space to cherish and enjoy.

They truly are a magnificent force to be working with, and I am so proud and happy to be helping them in this way.

For more information about the Trust, visit their website here:


Individual cards are £2.75

Pack of 4 £9.75

Pack of 8 £18.75

50p per card is donated to Ribble Rivers Trust.

Cards are blank inside and are 12x12cm.

Charity Number 1070672

To order the cards, email me directly at I require an email address to send an invoice.

Or, visit my Etsy Shop: ​​

NEW A/W 2020!

Ribble Rivers Trust Cards
Ash Tree
Douglas Fir
Product with emblem

S/S 2020

White-Clawed Crayfish

White-Clawed Crayfish

The UK's only native freshwater Crayfish. An omnivore, it inhabits small freshwater streams of a depth less than 1 metre, hiding underneath stones and rocks and in small crevices where they forage for food.



The elusive otter is one of our top predators. Excellent and lithe swimmers, the young are in the water by 10 weeks of age. They have webbed feet, dense fur to keep them warm, and can close their ears and nose when underwater.

Daubenton's Bat

Daubenton's Bat

Referred to as the 'water bat', the Daubenton's bat forages for small flies just above water. They roost near water, under bridges or in tunnels, and in holes in trees.



A colourful bird of rivers and streams. It can be spotted sitting quietly on low-hanging branches over the water, suddenly diving in to catch a small fish.