Yorkraft Market, York, 23rd October 2022


Yolk Farm, York, 18th June 2022

York, Spurriergate Craft Market, 14th November 2021

York South Bank Winter Fair, 13th November 2021

York Drawsome at Spark, York, 23rd October 2021

York Night Market, Shambles, 17th September 2021

SoLo, South London Craft Fair, 15th August 2021

YRAM, Summer Market, June/July 2021

Makers Market From Home, July&September 2020

YRAM, Christmas Market, November/December 2020




Jessica Jenyns is a Yorkshire-based artist. Her work focusses on the natural world, reimagining flora and fauna through needle-felt, drawing, printing and paint. Jessica's work reflects her fascination with our beautiful planet and her urgent need to protect it.

Jessica adheres to a commitment to the environment, applying an eco-friendly ethos to all her work.

Jessica studied English Literature at Lancaster University. She became quickly enthralled by a fascinating Literature and Film module which inspired her studies in MA Experimental Film at Kingston University. Jessica's studies were the perfect place for her creativity to expand.


Jessica is currently living in York. She is a full-time Artist and part-time Visiting Artist at Yarm School where she works alongside the students, supporting their work as well as planning projects for the school and wider communities.

Jessica enjoys travelling and finds bounteous inspiration in the cultures and countries she explores.



BA Hons English Literature, Lancaster University 2009

MA Experimental Film, Kingston University 2015

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